Ewald Miel – founder of dogenzazenvienna, dzv in short. In the near future there will be a place in Vienna/Hernals to come together to sit, drink tea and enjoy the teachings.

Having practiced Buddha’s Way for more than 20 years, I’m deeply convinced that sitting down, shutting up brings about the most direct and authentic connection to reality. Not adding anything to our experience, not trying to avoid what comes up, simply resting in the physical action of sitting still, facing a wall.

After encountering amazing teachers of both sexes, traveling through Europe to meditate on wonderful places from Greece to Denmark, digesting thousands of pages of written instructions, I finally anchored my practice in the transmission of Dogen Zenji and his brilliant students.

For those of you interested in meditating together, I offer the option to organize individual meetings for Zazen. Write me an email and we will find a date for sitting! Additionally some friends and me developped the habit of meditating together online in our Buddha-Club. If you’re interested, get in touch and let’s enjoy virus-free practice….!

Here you can send me a message