In Soto Zen Buddhism, there’s no concept of treating body and mind as seperate entities. Mental acitivity is mirrored in physiological processes and physical changes are reflected in the mind. Zazen is a mighty tool that respects this inseperability and builds its radical simplicity upon it.

Nevertheless, to open some additional gates to provide harmonious states of the energetic dimension, to facilitate access to the intuitive potential of our brain and to align our limbs and the spine seems reasonable. Another high class access to mindbody-balance one finds in the practical wisdom of Chinese Buddhism – Fragrance Qigong.

Jin Shin Jyutsu: An access to harmonizing ourselves with only the means we were born with is granted in the Physio-Philosophy of Jiro Murai, Jin Shin Jyutsu. I had the luck to meet this art more than 20 years ago and still apply many of the gentle applications of my own hands to balance the flow of life energy in my body.

International Jin Shin Jyutsu Organisation
Jin Shin Jyutsu Austria

Drawing on the right side of the brain: Not to be able to draw is as widespread a misunderstanding as not to have Buddha nature. Betty Edwards collected precious information about the functioning of our right side brain, intuitively, free of conceptual limits, direct. To follow her instructions frees the artist in us and opens complex and effortless dimensions.

Betty Edwards research on drawing – English website
Betty Edwards book in German

Collage Art: Cutting pictures out of newspapers, letting intuition guide our phantasy of composing new arrangements, redefining the symbolic message, inventing objects or structures, a setting that instigates the inner child to play as it pleases….
On my instagram profile derbilderschneider I present over 250 examples of this relaxing, refreshing and balancing activity.


Iyengar Yoga: Yoga brought to its students in the most precise way, presented with loads of spontaneous and inspiring humour, the classes of Hannes Hochmeister empower our alignement without vanity or unnecessary risks. His profound experience and compassion help to familiarize us with the flexibility of our body and our personal freedom to move.

Iyengar Yoga, taught by Hannes Hochmeister
Iyengar Yoga international

Fragrance Qigong: Simple movements mainly of our arms help to cleanse the energy system effectively and to align our spine and strengthen the basic power of kidney Qi. Transmitted from wandering monks to a severly ill Chinese boy, Tian Ruisheng, who practiced them in secret for 50 years, the wonderful effects were made public in 1988 and Fragrance Qigong has been taught worldwide since then. Vienna’s leading expert in this field, Master Zhang Xiaoping gives detailed instructions in his seminars. Students of his collected the most important informations and offer them online for free.

Chinese Fragrance Qigong
Master Zhangs Qigong/Taiji/Kungfu Studio