the womb of Buddhas

To explain experience we take refuge to comparisons or examples. Whoever dares to deal with Prajnaparamita has to travel a road of insight which spirals until one realizes that there never was a road to travel.

The most-used symbol for Prajnaparamita is a female Buddha-aspect, known as Highest Wisdom. To practice according to her qualities, means to enter the womb that gives birth to all Buddhas.

To realize this way, that is no way, means to be led beyond knowledge. “This is the only form of knowledge cultivated by a bodhisattva. The knowledge of dharmas turns out to be no knowledge, and the knowledge of no knowledge turns out to be the only knowledge worth knowing.” (Red Pine, the Heart Sutra, Part 4 – The Womb of the Buddhas, p.145)

Red Pine, the Heart Sutra