Taking a chance to put your heart on your sleeve when it’s to late: Letters to a dead friend about Zen. Brad Warners new book – out in October!

For some months now, Brad offered sneak prereads during his talks to a project that takes the one-to-one atmosphere his books create for the reader to a new level.

A imaginary, deceased friend of his, Marky, becomes the adressee of a whole bunch of letters, explaining and highlighting the Zen Way Brad practices and teaches.

Another push to really appreciate the preciousness of each encounter we experience and to spend the moments we have in the most honest and useful way. To find out, “…what each one of us can do that is of service.” (Zen master Bon Haeng).

Relating to him being a musician, Brad composed a theme song for the podcast that will be published about this book and offers a contest for some cover versions of his song. The song itself explains the topic of the the letters in a concise way.

Link to preorder the new book